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Quante is a hip-hop artist from Baltimore, MD. He's been writing and recording music since 2010. He released several successful projects during his early music campaign from 2010 - 2013. He then spent several years working behind the scenes as a photographer and videographer. Although he did not release any projects, he was featured on multiple albums throughout the years as an artist and a writer. 

Quante is now back and ready to make a major impact in the music industry with his new album The Adventures of Hollywood Q. The Album is based on a dream he has at the airport waiting for his flight. He takes us on an adventure as he takes on different personas for each track. He shows a lot of versatility on this album as each song has it's own identity. He enlists producers Skarr-Akbar, FrostTheWaveGod, and Darren Robert for production on this album. Each producer brings their own style and flare to the tape.

Quante is focused on pushing this album as far as possible. He hopes this album will be his breakout tape and put him on the radar of major labels in the industry. He believes his strong metaphors and double entendres will be noticed by many hip-hop enthusiast and help him gain more core supporters.

"If the music is good then everything else will fall in place. "

                                                             - Quante

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